Dumpster Fire(AAA) – Hybrid – 1oz


Dumpster Fire regular cannabis seeds from Emerald Mountain Legacy is one of several new strains dropped by this exciting California-based seed company, all of which are based on the elite Royal Kush strain bred by the late, great Mack Anderson AKA Mandelbrot / Ras Truth.

Dumpster Fire is a hybrid variety derived from a selected cross of (Purple Kush x Royal Kush) x Mandelbrot’s Oilspill. Her genetic pedigree is second to none, with kush and OG Kush in the immediate lineage from the Oilspill side. This is a melting pot of exquisite genetics and this elite strain showcases that fact from bean to bud. Taste the signature diesel fuel terps from the Royal Kush, letting you know you’re dealing with an authentic, Northern Cali strain blessed with Mandelbrot’s golden touch.


THC: 24-26%
CBD: 0.5%


Energetic, Focused, Cerebral


Gas, Tar, Diesel

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