Apple Sundae(AAAA) – Hybrid -7g

Apple Sundae is a hybrid weed strain made by crossing Apple Juice with Sundae Driver. The effects of Apple Sundae are believed to be euphoric and relaxing. Reviewers on Stoni say this strain makes them feel uplifted, giggly and energetic. Apple Sundae has 22-23% THC. The dominant terpene is pinene, with a profile that emits a sour, fruity aroma and a taste akin to buttery apples. Medical marijuana patients say they buy Apple Sundae during episodes of chronic fatigue, depression, and eye pressure. The original breeder of Apple Sundae is Cannarado Genetics.


THC: 22-23%
CBD: 0.5%


Uplifted, Talkative, Energetic


Apple, Pear, Butter

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