Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

Stoni works very hard to ensure that your order is packed and delivered as quickly as possible. We have worked with a team of logistics experts to ensure that your order arrived within our 60-minute from payment guarantee. The 60-minute time window starts when payment is received. Sometimes, however, there are circumstances that may prevent us from making a delivery on time. In the event that your package arrives late Stoni may offer you some form of compensation for the delay. This compensation is not guaranteed or required. This compensation may not always be the same and will be determined by our management team. Any offer or promotion offered for late deliveries may be limited time and may not be offered permanently, Stoni reserves the right to change, or refuse a delivery delay compensation.

Stoni has developed a special Order tracking system that will allow you to track your order right to your front door. This tracking is private and only you and your delivery driver have access to this page. Our support and management team do have the ability to track your order and driver to better assist you.

Stoni ships all orders in a discreet and unmarked package. There will be no markings that indicate the contents of the package or the company who shipped your order. If you for some reason receive a product that is damaged, please let us know within 7 days, so we can investigate right away. Each complaint will be reviewed by our management team and a credit or replacement product will be given when appropriate. Replacement products will only be sent in the case of defective items.

Stoni reserves the right to determine the appropriate compensation (credit or replacement) on a case by case basis. In the rare event that a customer is unhappy with an order, we may offer the option to return your order. In cases where a product is defective or your order was incorrect, we will cover shipping costs to return the package. If a customer is unsatisfied for reasons other than defective product, We may choose to offer the customer a refund, in this case, the customer is responsible for all return shipping costs.